does protest work ?

Hero Protest

Hi I am today's podcast host and today we will be talking about protest does it work.

We have 2 guests today with us ,Guest 1 who think protests do work and guest 2 who thinks they don't .

Our first question is do you think people get their message across in a protest ?

Guest 1

I think they do because people are seeing what could happen or how bad the situation is because people are protesting.

Guest 2

I think it doesn't work because the news platform mostly focus on the riot so it can get a good news story.

Our next question is are they really important?

Guest 1

In my eyes I see it as what the protest is about and how people do it. For example if there is a protest in a country that not many people know about then it might not be as important but if there a big black lives matter protest it would be quite important.

Guest 2

I don't think it is important because the most of the time people just ignore them.

Our final question is what protest are more popular and which type aswell

Guest 1

I think the Chile protest was quite popular because they got the government to change.

Guest 2

I think that riots are most popular because they normally get in the news.

Thanks for reading

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