Does Protest Work?

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Hi my name is candid_duck and today I will talk about protesting and would I do it.

Black Lives Mater

In 2013 it all started in America and over 26 million people were protesting for black lives maters also known as BLM. #BlackLivesMatter was used on Twitter over 48 million times last year worldwide. For black lives matter people protest in lots of different ways such as peaceful marches, riots or virtual activism using #BlackLivesMatter.

Protest in Chile

On 14th October 2019, 1 million people crowded the streeets of Santigo, Chile's capital. They were protesting about the subway fare, how homeless or even poor people couldn't afford tickets to their jobs or to see family. Even in different Chile cities thousands more people protested. Protesting for this people did marches, virtual activism or civil disobedience.

Extinction Rebellion

In May 2018, 650 groups protested in 45 different countries worldwide. There is a FaceBook group about this protest and it has 300,00 followers supporting Extinction Rebellion. Using marches, virtual activism and civil disobedience they manged to get lots of people over the world to join protesting for this.

End SARS Protest

On 16th November 2002, thousands of people protested in Nigeria. As well as protesting in person thousands of people protested online worldwide. Protesting for this people did peaceful marches, riots and virtual activism. #EndSARS went viral on all social media apps worldwide.

Protest in Belarus

Up 100,000 people filled the streets of Belarus. The protest took part for more then 100 days in a row! The point of this protest is against Belarusian goverment and president Alexandra Lukashenko. For this protest people did marches, strikes and virtual activism.

My opinion

Personaly I would not do protesting, unless it is something bad in the world and something that effects me. I would not do it if it was something little and doesn't effect the world, me or my family.

Thank you for reading my post I really hope you liked it and aggre with me.

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