Does Protest Work?

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Host: Hello welcome to the Burnet Podcast I'm Amanda and I will be your host today. Today I will be interviewing our young minds of London to see what they have to say about the subject "does protest work".

Guest 1: Hello everyone! My name is Michelle, I am 10 years old. I think protests should happen as we should be able to have our say in what we want.

Guest 2: Hello I'm Michael and I am 11 years old. I think protests should not happen as they cause a lot of violence. It irritates a lot of people such as police and I think that it's not fair on them and you could get hurt too.

Host: Hello Michelle and Michael! Exceptional points although I want to know a little bit more about your opinion Michelle and why you think protests should happen.

Michelle: Well, I think we should get our say on what we want because after all, this is also our country. With protests, we can also change, the ways things are done, opinions, raise awareness and stand up for others. Also, Michael mentioned that it causes a lot of violence, yes that is true but there are many types of protest, for example, march when people chant or carry signs on the street, virtual activism when a message of protest is shared online, strike when workers stop doing their job to try to make their employers change something, silent protest when protesters do something quietly that stands out to show that they disapprove of something and boycott when a protester refuses to interact with someone or something because they disapprove of there actions. These are different types of protests that do not include violence it also keeps us safe and the police safe.

Host: Amazing! You have made a very strong point. Michael what about you?

Michael: Well that's a good point but I do not agree. You said there are many different ways of protest but people are still violent when it comes to protesting. For example, the BLM protest has caused much destruction and has forced a lot of small businesses to shut down due to rioting. Additionally, some shop owners may get frustrated with the rioters which may prompt people to break the law and take action against the rioters in violent ways. In addition, another problem is Coronavirus, people are gathering in large groups which may cause the virus to expand in the area and cause a lot more people to get infected or possibly die.

Host: Wow! Two amazing points! I have one last question! Does protest work? Michelle, can you answer?

Michelle: Ok! I think Protest does work and it has changed a lot of peoples opinions as more people are seeing these protests and they decide to join in because maybe of a certain person that has changed there mind or an advert maybe the news. And they might dislike something and start a new protest or they might join in because they don't like something and they want to have their say.

Host: Great! What about you Michael?

Michael: I don't think protests work because from what I have seen protests are only harming our country for nothing as they are protesting but nothing is happening there haven't been any changes from the protests. Also, they are risking their lives just to protest as they are gathering in large groups and someone could have the coronavirus and then it could spread which will not help the situations we are in now. And there haven't been any changes since everyone is focused on putting a stop to the virus.

Host: Amazing reasoning both of you! Well done! This has been the Burnet Podcast with Amanda I hope you have a nice afternoon. Goodbye!

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful half term. 🙂

From encouraging_literature.

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    15 Feb 2021

    Well done for really developing your reasoning on either side, encouraging_literature. There is some excellent back-and-forth debating going on between Michael and Michelle!

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