Does Protest Work?

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In this post we will be looking at Protest as a whole, whether they work or not. Of course, there are reasons for and against and it is our job to debate this.

There are several movements out there at this time, namely the Black Lives Matter movement as well as others such as Extinction Rebellion and End SARS. Mainly, these are shown in the media and that is where we gain a lot of our information. Sometimes this can be negative instead of positive and it is down to us as individuals to work oou where we stand on the subject. People protest in different ways ,marches, speeches, sighns, sit ins, shouting, silence, boycotts aswell as many others. These can be peaceful although sometimes they get out of hands and lead to arrests.

Protest is used to raise awareness, change opinions, change rules and stand up for others. Years ago women fought to get the vote, this worked and now they continue to protest for equal opportunities. The factors that make a protest successful can be large numbers across many countries as well as the choice of location for the demonstration. If you need to Government to listen, no better place than central london outside their offices, its no good being on the other side of the world for that. Peaceful protests work best as the message does not get lost in negative press.

Reasons that Protests sometimes doesn't work can be down to protesting in the wrong places, the news translating only the negative to the public. Also, size can be a problem, if its too large, it may spill over into either a riot or vandalism and when this is reported the public may turn their backs on the cause. It's not wise to protest about absolutely everything either, you must select your cause wisely, Black Lives Matter V Ice cream on a Friday. Sometimes there can be a lack of support for a cuase meaning that there is not enough interest to carry the movement.

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