Does Protest Work?

Hero Protest

This is the Stanley news and today's host is Alex .Today we will be talking about how the guests in the studio will answer our questions. Hi everyone, todays news is about protest : does it work?

Today I have Terry and Alice here. So Alice, does protest work? Personally I think that it has not worked because 'Black Lives Matter' has kind of worked but some people are still bullied because of their skin. What type of protest do you think is the most succsessful? I think the most succsessful protest is 'the womans rights' but still, it has not yet fully worked.Thank you Alice for your answer.

Terry, do you think protest works? I certainly do because if the people in the past, for example, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King didn't fight for their rights, then black people will still be slaves and be treated badlly.What type of protest do you think is the least succsessful? I think everyone has different views and opinions so some protests may not be effective, however, I think the climate change protests are the least succsessful because icebergs are melting and other animals are endangered as we're not being sustainable, by using electric cars and picking up our litter. Thank you Alice and Terry for your for answering our questions, we will see you tomorrow at 5:00pm at Stanley news! GoodBye.


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