Do the racism protests work?

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Do the racism protests work?

Hello! I'm analytical_sea, and I will be discussing whether the racism protests work or not.

Why did I chose to write this focussing on racism?

I chose to write this post choosing the protest topic racism because I feel that racism is one of those protests that go on and on and on, never seeming to end, even though people have has more racism protests - in my opinion - than any other protest still going now (so not including women's rights for example, otherwise it would be almost impossible to choose).

If we have so many protests, why hasn't racism stopped?

Not 100% of the people who have heard of - or indeed seen - a racism protest in process (try saying that 10 times as quick as you can!) listen to the message many, many people are trying to get out. The more times that message can get out, and the bigger the amount of people joining in the protest, the better. The more people, the more likely it is to cause a stir, and appear on more popular news readers scripts.

If no one listens to the protests, why do they happen?

It's not that no one listens, just not everyone. What about you? Have you heard about a protest when your parents are watching the news, and you peer in, hoping to ask Dad if you can have a round of FIFA, or Mum if you can bake cookies to share (social-distantly) with the two elderly neighbours? Did that make you think about what they were protesting about? Did it make you wish you could help make a difference with the rest of the protesters? You have listened. And I'm sure your parents would have listened. If you think about it, there has been less (I say that) racism since people realised it needed protest and to be stopped, although obviously there is still loads going on.

So... do racism protests work?

Well, that's up to you! I'd love to hear what you think, and of course there's the chance you might just get a star!! Thank you for reading my first (published) discussion starter post, and listening to what I have to say! :)

See ya,



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