Do the government need to get involved in the protest?

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This is why the government need to get involved:

yes the government do need to get involved in the protest's because people might get togther and do vilont stuff like kiling wich is vervy bad. I think at that point the government do get involved just incase any people get hurt but also its not just that there could be fires and other stuff but for exaple they did not agree on like they hated bannas abd the wanted to ban them then it would get a croud of people but the people who did like them they might get heart.

This is why the goverment does not need to get involved the protest's:

The goverment do not need to get in protests's beacuse it could just be something really small thing.but it could be a good thing beacuse then you can get your voice heard wich if you do get your voice herd you might get a change to say you side of the story.

i have some questions for the burnets news club people why do we need our voice heard? do need protets need to be vilont?

This is why does the government need to get invloved in the protest's.

by loyal_piano.

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