Hero Protest

Host: Hello guys, today we are going to have a prodcast about whether protests work? Our special guests are 12 year old, Josh from Ascot and 11 year old Chris from lightwater. So do you guys agree with the protests? For example the USA protesters storming a Government building?

Josh: I dont agree with when Trump supporters stormed a building in the USA because 5 people had their lives taken away from them, and local businesses lost trade and took lots of damage. It was a waste of peoples time and resources because local businesses had to be boarded up, It was breaking the laws of COVID-19. It was a non peaceful protest.

Chris: I think it is all right because it raised awareness and everybody knew about it around the world.

Host: Ok lets talk about some other protests like Extinction Rebellion and the protests in Chile...

Josh: The protests in Chile worked because they changed laws and the government listened to Extinction Rebellion and they declared a 'climate and ecological emergency' and are due to take immedicate action.

Chris: I dissagree strongly with you Josh they created a lot of disruption, my dad couldn't go to work one day because of one of their protests and I am sure many more people were stuck in my dads situation.

Host: Good view points Josh and Chris for both sides, final question for you both. In your opinion what type of protest do you think is the best?

Chris: Any type of large protests so it gets peoples attention.

Josh: Yes i agree with you Chris but it has to be peaceful.

Host: Thank you guys honest opinions.

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