Do protests work? By assertive_boysenberry

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Hi assertive boysenberry here. Today's podcast is about the big question that is on everybodies lips, Do protests work? Different people think differently about protests. Some people believe that they do work and make a difference becuase they spread the word well, but others might think other wise. Today I have brought in Mark, from Black Lives matter. So Mark why do you think the Black lives Matter protests have worked so well?

Mark : I think that the Black LIves Matter protests have worked well because some people did not know about how black people were being treated and now they do, so the protests have spread the word well. Black people, like myself , are being better treated already.

Thank you Mark, that really very good. Now I have brought in Sarah, who does not think very much of protesting and feels things could be acheived in another way. Hi Sarah.

Sarah : Hello.

So Sarah, tell me what you think about the Black Lives Matter Protests and why?

Sarah : I think that the protests are a bit too much because all lives matter not just Black people's. I think protests di srupt every day lives and there are other ways to get the point across. Whether people agree with your cause or not they shouldn't be forced to change what they were doing because of protests.

Thank you Sarah. Mark what more do you have to say?

Mark: Sarah is right, there are other ways to get the point across, but protests get the most publicity and are the quickest way to change opinion.

Very interesting Mark, Sarah anything to add?

I disagree with Mark, protests disrupt peoples lives, even the people that support you. No change happens at a protest it happens in the government and people that make decisions. Just look at the Trump supporters, their protests have led to him being impeached because he encouraged them.

Thank you Sarah and Mark, they are both very valid points. Now thats it for today. Good bye.

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