Do protests work!


A protest is defined as a expression of a objection to what someone has said or done.

A example is the farmers protest which started with a few Punjabi people then people from all over India came to protest against the governor of India N. Modi. The reason the farmers protest started beacause Modi passed 3 rules that makes farming hard. Farmers are scared they may loose their farm lands, which have been in their families for generation.

3.1 billion people in India are farmers, and a lot of them are small farmers. The Indian government have passed three laws that make farmers lose their land.

This protest started in India but now people all over the entire world are are protesting against the Indian government, including celebrities . Rihannas tweet created a lot of awareness, getting people including the Indian government taking and reacting to the protest. Did you know that people in the UK have been protesting in london to ask the UK goverment to help the farmers in India, and protect thier rights to protest peacefully.

Over all protest can work if you do it peacefully. I challenge you to think about protests and how can you raise awareness in support of a protest you agree with?

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