Do Protests have consequences?

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I am going to give a few examples of protests and at the end I am going to say my opinion if protests have consequences.

Women's Rights

Many years ago, women didn't have the same amount of rights as men. They couldn't work and they couldn't vote. During the world wars, women had a huge part to play for their country. While men, had to go and fight in the army, women had to stay behind and look after their country and fill in jobs that men were supposed to do. After several protests, In the year 1972, the United States Congress passed a law that guaranteed women the same rights as men.

Plastic Pollution

Dropping plastic in the ocean leads to Injuries and deaths of ocean speices and wild life. This subject links to Climate Change because we are affecting our world around us. People have been going on marches and holding up signs that say ''Plastic is not Fantastic.'' or ''There is No planet B.'' or ''Stop Plastic Pollution.'' They started protest on April 22, 1970 and people are still protesting which means that the protest has lasted almost half a century. Some people have been trying to reduce plastic by recycling it or picking it up when they see some etc.


Just like the Women rights protest, Slaves didn't have the same rights as others. They were forced to work for their owners and when they did something wrong, they were serverly punished. People in poor homes were most likely to be a slave while rich people own them. People started thinking this was wrong and they started protesting shouting ''STOP SLAVERY.'' As a consequence, slavery was abolished in the year 1865.

The Capital Hill Protest

When Donald Trump lost the election, His supporters were angry to know that their chosen candidate did not win the election. When Trump lost the election, instead of him conceding, he started causing problems and kept on lying to his people. The republican party believed him and they started protesting on the Capital Hill in the USA. This one wasn't a peaceful protest (I think this was a riot protest). There was so much violence that one women even got shot in the chest and is now dead. 4 protesters died. Luckily, the national guards later came and sorted this issue, however one police officer is now died. Trump was blamed for this violence and was impeached again as a consequence. Along with that, he got his twitter and facebook account banned. He is now known as the first president to be impeached twice in the history of America.

Animal Rights

People have started protesting because they didn't like how animals are being used. They didn't like how animals are being used to test drugs and medicines on in a lab. They also didn't like how humans are eating animal products such as meat, fish and eggs. They go on protests and hold up signs that say ''Stop Animal Cruelty.'' or ''Animals are not ingredients.'' Nothing really happened. All the protest did was raise awareness to this issue.

Do Protests have consequences?

In my opinion, Yes! I think protests have consequences whether it is good or whether it is bad. I also think protests have consequences whether it affects one person alone or a WHOLE society. I do also think protests have consequences whether it is for humans or animals. Protests can have good consequences or bad consequences depending on what happened and what they are.

Thank you so so much for reading!


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  • katie.jpg Katie @ the BNC
    15 Jan 2021

    So, delightful_effort - could you have a go at answering the big question: does protest work?

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  • Birchwood-logo-250x250.jpg mindful_volcano | Birchwood C of E Primary School
    15 Jan 2021

    I think protests do work but not as fast as people what them to make the change. protesters want to see fast resul;ts but that is impossible , things need time to be changed and in that time waiting deverstation and violace can break out , i belive people should stand up for what they belive in but not to cause fighting and damage around them. I people did protests and waited patiently they will see the changes happen in the future but not at that moment .

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    1. katie.jpg Katie @ the BNC
      mindful_volcano's comment 15 Jan 2021

      A very good point, interesting_volcano. Do you think that there should be any occasions when change happens quickly? For example, for any of the protest examples from our BNC sessions?

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  • Hammond School logo analytical_sea | Hammond Junior School F
    18 Jan 2021

    Good point, and yes - do we think about animals? Certainly not as much as ourselfs, so if I were you I would be proud of making that usually missed connection.

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  • Hammond School logo alert_night | Hammond Junior School E
    22 Jan 2021

    Yes sometimes they do have consequences like trumps supporters like you said they did cause damage and destruction also started fights and much more some of those consequences were getting the police in to stop it and probably now they might still be doing it and that is my reason to why protests have consequences!!

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