Could protesters be allowed to break the law?

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When someone is protesting, they aim to change opinions and they do it in every way they can. Could there be an acception for protest or should they just obey the law?

Yes, they should be allowed to break the law.

Yes they should be allowed to break the law because no one will notice if you don't really stand out. 100 years ago, the Suffragettes protested for votes for women. They didn't obey the law at all but they changed a massive problem. Protest like that works on people so more bad rules get changed. This is the way forward for life because now Extiction Rebellion, who are campaigning to make people care more about the environment, have changed peoples minds about the climate and that is one problem solved. Sometimes the more threatening the situation created by the protesters, the more powerful the impact has on the law makers. Also, some rules aren't fair like the law Rosa Parks broke that was black people weren't allowed to sit in the same row as white people so it should be acceptable to break that law.

No, they can't be allowed to break the law.

No, they can't be allowed to break the law because rules are there for a reason which is often for the greater good. There are other ways of getting your opinion across, which is spreading a message online so the government can be aware of what the citizens want. Also, sometimes violent protests can cause harm and it is better with a peaceful protest than with force. Recently, covid 19 protests about self-isolation has caused people to gather as groups which is dangerous in a pandemic. My final reason why people shouldn't break the law whilst protesting is because you can just tell your local representative what you feel should be changed or happen. What one person feels is right might not necessarily work for other people up and down the country so rules shouldn't be decided by force but by debates in parliament.

My Opinion.

I feel that every now and again a rule could be broken if either the country is in a mess or if the rule is really, really wrong. Normaly, a rule is decided because their government agree it would be safer, no matter whether you disagree with it or not. However, other countries should stand in to check if things are going okay so that should law-breaking protesting should not be needed.

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