Why are people protesting for one and another?

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Why are people protesting for each other?

Good question.... The reason is because, in America black people are suffering of unfairness, due to their skin colour. A man named George Floyd died because he was strangled to death by the police. When the news spread everyone was upset because George Floyd was known as such an honest man. That was when a young teenage girl called Greta Thunberg got the idea for people to start protesting for climate change, she allso had another bright idea to protest for the sake of people life's. Her message for these 2 ideas spread around the world like the speed of sound. People agreed and started protesting. Everyone in their own country started to protest chanting,''BLACK LIVES MATTER''Over and over again. People also made Cardboard banners which had ''BLACK LIVES MATTER''written in bold paint. Police try to stop the people but more and more people join in to fight for one another's life.

As you might know,even celebraties protest, But some off them were arrested for participated. Some celebreties who were arrested were:

Susian Sarandon

Daryl Hannah

Martin Sheen and more...

Even Ariana Grande protested for the killing of George Floyd.

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