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For many years Black People have been treated as "second class" citizens and I don't think that they should have been treated like that. What did they do? What did they say? And why did the Police have to accuse them of crimes...

...and then kill them?

Back in the old days, Black People were obviously being treated badly, on the buses, taped down areas were split in two, one half was for the Black People, and the other half was for White People. And when the White's area was full, the White People had to move into the BLACK'S AREA! Even worse, when the Black's area was full, White People came and took their seats! A lot of Blacks suffered this, but one day, a Black woman called Rosa Parks, was sitting in the bus when a White Person came to take her seat, he told her that she should get out of the seat, but she did not obey him, then he said that he was going to call the Police, but she still didn't leave. And after the Police came and took her to jail, a huge group of protesters came together and formed a movement called Black Lives Matter.

So that is the story of Rosa Parks.

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    25 Jan 2021

    Thank you for this post, assured_trumpet, you have clearly done your research on Rosa Parks! I'm not sure if the phrase "Black Lives Matter" was around when she was taking a stand, but she certainly made a huge contribution to the Civil Rights Movement and her legacy lives on through the Black Lives Matter movement. If others want to know more about Rosa Parks, this KS2 history video is a great place to start:

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