Black Lives Matter by daring_whale


I have chosen black lives matter. It is about how a white police man killed a black man called George Floyd. This was racism. Many people marched as part of the Black Lives Matter Movement which campaigns for racism to stop and for equality to rise.

All the protesters had one goal: stop inequality and racism to black people. George Floyd was not the only person to die because of his colour. He was one of many to die in America. The main message of the Black Lives Matter Movement was that black lives should matter equally to white ones-no more and no less.

Most of the protesting was done with the march protest. Signs were made and protesters went up and down streets waving them around. There was also a bit of violence. Statues of famous people in America, who had all become rich in to slavery process, were knocked down.

I think that the protest was definitely positive as black lives matter the same as white lives. No matter what your colour, you shouldn’t be discriminated against.

I think that the effects are that inequality is going low but there needs to be more work done upon it. In some places, no effects have taken place. There is more work to be done but lots has been done already.

I would have said, instead of black lives matter, I would say all lives matter. This is because since so much protesting for BLM has happened that ALM has been forgotten. Everyone matters and no one should be separated because of their colour.

By daring_whale.

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