Black Lives Matter (BLM)!!!!!!!

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For 400 years, black people have been treated unfairly because of the colour of their skin. From the Atlantic slave trade to Malcom X's assasination to George Floyd's assanation, enough is enough. Lots of people diguisgusted by the way racism has occured to black people so this is why people take to the streets. This is why black people stand up for themselves. Rascism needs to end for good...

The Atlantic Slave Trade (1550-1890) was a horrible event that occured. By 1600, many European countries had joined in the slave trade. First, the slave ships sailed from Europe to Africa, carrying goods such as guns and cloth. In Africa they exchanged their goods for prisoners from African civil wars . The prisoners of the losing side become slaves and sailed on to the Americas. There, the slaves were solved in exchange for sugar, tobacco and cotton before the ships returned to Europe. This triangle of trade made the slave traders extremely rich. In the 1780's many people were annoyed by the many people in Europe became unhappy with the slave trade.The Revolution of slavery began when the people of Haiti defeated their slavers. Their leaders were Tossaint L'ovutre. Africans like Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass rebelled agiasnt their slavers and they were successful. In 1792, Denmark stopped their slave trade, in 1804, the USA banned slavery throughout the Northen states, in 1807, Britain abolished slavery, in 1833, slavery abolished in the British empire, in 1865, slavery abolished in the USA and in 1888, slavery ends throughout the Americas.

Many decades later, an African-American man called Malcom X explained his fustration with the inequality black people have been facing over the years. He was part of the civil rights movement (which encouraged other black people to rebel against rascism). It was a successful movement and while Malcom X was doing a speech, he was shot and killed. People were furious. Then stepped in another black man called Dr Martin Luther King Jr. He was involed in the Civil Rights movement and paved the the way for many black leaders in the civil rights movement. He had a famous speech called "I Have A Dream". In 1968, he was shot and killed...

In 2013, people created BLM (Black Lives Matter) which is a decentralised political and social movement protesting agaisnt police brutality and all racially motivated violence against black people. It started in 2013 when African-American teen Travyon Martin was shot dead by policemen. The movement returned to national headlines in 2020 when George Floyd was murderd by former Minisoten police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck. Protest streched from west of California, USA to Tokyo, Japan. Throughout 2020, people have marched down their streets and chanted "BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Even celebreties like John Boyega got involed with the protests. So this is why BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!!

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