Are all police bad?

Ever since what happened to George Floyd, people have considered all police are bad. I think that not all police are bad. They could be good people. People who disagree with me, have been out to protest and they say that we should ''Defund the police.''

Do I agree with this?

I disagree with this because if we don't give the cops money to buy them weapons, they won't be able to tackle crime. We need police to stop crime and to protect us with everything they have but if they don't have their equipment, .how are they suppose to protect us? Police put their life at risk everytime they go to work. As well as they put their lives in danger for us, they also improve the quality of our life for all citizens. They help with emergencies. They are just very important people in our lives and if we deeply think about it, what could we do without them? So because of the reasons I gave above, I think we should NOT defund the police.

Are all police bad?

I am not saying that all police are good people but I do think that there can be some police that don't do their job properly and there are some police who use their power unwisely, but overall, those are just a few bad apples and we shouldn't let the good ones get punished just because of the ones who don't make good choses like the one who killed George Floyd.

What do you think?

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  • New-Horizons-logo-250x250.jpg busy_technology | New Horizons Children's Academy
    20 Jan 2021

    I think not all polices are bad. Some children look up to police men/women thinking that they are heroic people, that save the day, some children grow up to be these heroes who save the day, as they have big kind hearts and all they want to do is good. Sometime it depends on the government, children sometimes grow up thinking that anything the government says is good, this can lead to bad things or good things. Sometimes it`s the way the child is brought up, say their parents are racist, the child will end up believing whatever their parents say. The child grows up and wants everyone to believe what he believes, so he becomes a policeman and spreads conflict to the world. It is most of the time that the way the child is brought up, make sure if you ever become a police man/woman, be a good one.

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    1. katie.jpg Katie @ the BNC
      busy_technology's comment 20 Jan 2021

      Thank you for your comment, busy_technology. Do you think all children grow up to believe the same thing as their parents or are there any exceptions?

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  • Hammond School logo sincere_atom | Hammond Junior School C
    20 Jan 2021

    I dont think it is ok to say that all police are bad because people are judging all police just because of one polices actions. Obviously, some police are bad, but that does not mean that all police are that bad, and we shouldnt judge them ALL from seeing what one or two police officers have done.

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  • enigmatic_beaver | Whyteleafe School E
    22 Jan 2021

    Some police are bad because they shoot people and some police help.also some police arrest bad people so they are actually good i once sat on a police bike before so i know what it is like to sit on a police bike and it is quite cool i didn't get to ride it but that is not the task so . But i think that police can be good and bad .I like good police because everyone likes good people i have seen police arrest people because they were doing a bad thing.

    Thanks for reading


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  • Hammond School logo strong_quince | Hammond Junior School D
    27 Jan 2021

    Hi delightful_effort

    I do not think all police 👮 are bad but it depends on what they are meant to do like for example like the police that killed George Floyd he has no reason to kill him just because he is a different skin colour to the police officer. But some police officers are nice and sweet and kind but sometimes your should judge people of how the look or how they act because you might never know what they are going through and sometimes you have to be in there shoes.

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  • Hammond School logo observant_eel | Hammond Junior School B
    27 Jan 2021

    I don’t think people should even consider that all police are bad just because 1 policeman did something very bad. Policemen/women help stop crimes and bad stuff happen. People really need to stop thinking all police are bad. But some police are bad because they sometimes kill people just for their skin colour like George Floyd.

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