An interview all about protests and there effects

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"Hello and welcome everyone ! To the BNC podcast. Today your host will be Olivia {thats me.} Today we will be talking about protest, and its efects. We will also be interveiwing a person and hear there thoughts on this topic. First of all before we get started, what even is protest. Well, its when a singel person, or a group of people may be anoyed at somthing, or want somthing to go how they do.

Today ,are guesst is Maddiline. Maddiline ,would you like to introduce your self."

"Ahh yes that would be lovely. Well hello there,im Maddiline. im 22 and work at school as a teacher. Some of my hobbies involve, baking,crafting and much more."

"You sound lovely Maddiline well lets get started."

"What are your thoughts on protests and what are they to you?"

"Well for me, protests seem kind of hetic . When i think about protests i think about roads being clossed and not being able do what i want, because people always block up the roads and some times even sleep on them."

"Have you ever been in a prostest or seen one?"

"Of corese ive seen a protest their all i ever see on the tv and no i have never been to on and im never planing to."

"Alright, ladies and gentelmen thats all for now. See you soon on next weeks podcast all about- oh wait i cant say its a top secret shhh. Tune back in next week to find out."

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