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Does Protest Work?

Host: Hello my name is Alice and today the big question is "Does Protest Work"

Guest 1: Hello my name is Susie - im eleven and I live in London. I believe that protesting is an amazing way to get your opinion heard.

Guest 2: Hi i'm Thomas and im ten and I live in Lightwater and I think that protesting is useless and a disturbing way to ask for change or to let your opinion be heard.

Host: The first i'd like to put to you both is, how would you personally define if a protest has worked or not?

Guest 1: I think that the "Black Lives Matter" campaign appears to be working simply because everyone has now heard the message. They have even managed to get footballers to "take the knee".

Guest 2: The "Black Lives Matter" campaign has not really worked because footballers are still being abused online. This shows no protest fully works.

Host: Now the next question is, have you ever thought of what the true cost of protesting could actually be? Should this be ignored if the message is successfully heard and should you worry if you upset people? Does that matter?

Guest 1: The true cost of protesting is actually irrelevant because the protest is far more important. For example, Extinction Rebellion may have caused a few people to be late for work, well what a shame!! Saving the Planet is obviously far more important.

Guest 2: It is simply selfish and rude to affect normal life in order to get a message across to people. There must be better ways to protest that being that disruptive, Extinction Rebellion should be banned immediately. They are causing more people to be against them, than support them.

Host; The third and final question is, at what point do you stop protesting and declare it was a success or failure?

Guest 1: The protests in Chile are a great example of when the protestors have won. The Chileans voted 78.28 per cent in favour of a new constitution. A second vote is scheduled for April 11, 2021, to select 155 Chileans who will form the convention which will draft the new constitution

Guest 2: The protestors in Chile may have thought they have won, but it is still ongoing. Covid has unfortunately stopped them due to social distancing measures. The Government used the lockdown to erase most of the graffiti. Just yesterday, a man was shot in the head and died.

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  • katie.jpg Katie @ the BNC
    05 Feb 2021

    A very balanced Final Piece, strong_tuba! Could you please show me where you found out about the protests in Chile which resulted in a man's death in 2021?

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  • Hammond School logo strong_tuba | Hammond Junior School D
    08 Feb 2021

    I found it while researching about the protest on wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019%E2%80%932020_Chilean_protests

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