Monique Bouffé talks to the BNC!

It's that time in the Issue when we're putting lots of your questions to topic experts! We're thrilled to bring you an interview with Monique Bouffé, Advice and Information Officer at human-rights group Liberty.

Monique is part of the team which gives the public legal human rights advice, and produce "know your rights" guides - which cover protest rights among other things. Monique was also the driving force behind the "know your rights" bust cards Liberty produced since June for people attending Black Lives Matter protests. Physical cards have been handed to thousands of protestors across the country, and you can see the digital version here.

Youc can also read more about the advice Liberty give at their Advice and Information Hub.

We'll let Monique introduce herself...

What inspired or encouraged you to work in human rights?
authentic_earth, Michael Faraday School

Do you think that having your voice heard is worth the risk of being arrested?
mindblowing_clarinet, Boutcher C of E Primary School

Have you ever been looked down at, or criticized, because of what you’re standing up for?
modest_river, New Horizons Children's Academy

What’s the most meaningful piece of work that you have been involved in?
insightful_orca, Ormiston Bushfield Academy

Do you ever worry that people with extremist views will use their right to protest to undermine our liberal democracy?
jovial_eel, Lyons Hall Primary School

Bonus question: What advice would you give to students interested in a career in human rights?
Tom @ the BNC

We know you'll want to join us in saying thank you to Monique for giving such interesting and thought-provoking answers!

What have you learnt that you didn't know before?

And do you have any further questions for Monique about protest and human rights? Add them below and we'll ask Monique to reply!

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