Magazine co-founder Rob Harrison talks to us about activism and boycotts

Thank you for all your questions for our experts. In our latest interview, we put your questions on boycotts and activism to Rob Harrison. Rob is co-founder and co-editor of Ethical Consumer magazine. What does he do? We'll let Rob introduce himself...

How did it feel when you knew that more people were choosing their products ethically with your help?
reflective_arctic_fox, Hammond Junior School

What is the better way for you to campaign: online or offline? What is the difference between them? Is one way more effective than the other?
wonderous_orca, Cheam Common Junior Academy

Do you find that boycotts can lead to other types of protest, like marches? And can boycotts affect small businesses or is it just larger ones?
sceptical_rainforest, Beaumont School

Have you ever thought to give up?
healthy_satsuma, Birchwood C of E Primary School

Are there any main qualities you need to be an activist?
impartial_shark, Boutcher Primary School

Bonus questions from Tom @ the BNC!

A big thank you to Rob for taking the time to give such interesting questions!

Would you like to start a magazine that changes the world? What would you write about? And what forms of protest might you encourage - boycotts? Virtual activism? Marches?

Add your thoughts to the comments below!

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