Kajal Odedra answers your questions!

We were delighted to put your questions to Kajal Odedra, Executive Director of Change.org UK and author of "Do Something: Activism for everyone". You can also watch Kajal's inspirational Ted Talk "Your difference is your superpower". You can also read Change.org's guide to creating and spreading a petition here!

Let's get going! We'll hand over to Kajal to introduce herself...

What inspired you to become an author and an activist and how do you feel about doing it?
discreet_drum, Upton Cross Primary School

Do you think all protests are good? Is there a way people can stop violent protests?
creative_moth, Upton Cross Primary School

How well do you think world leaders generally act towards large protests?
eager_reflection, Cheam Park Farm Primary School

Has it been hard to accept that someone doesn’t agree with what you have written or what you have said?
decisive_redcurrant, Michael Faraday School

How does it make you feel if nothing happens after you've protested or taken an action?
modest_donkey, John Ray Junior School

Bonus question: What else should our students research?
Tom @ the BNC

Thank you to Kajal for all her excellent and inspiring answers! Why not think about this question and add your answer in the comments:

If you could start a petition (collecting signatures to show how many people support a change), what would you do it for?

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