Would being an MP make your life better?

We all get jealous of MPs at some points but would being an MP actually benefit for you? MPs have to be in the public eye, not as much as celebrities but the public are watching them most of the time they are out and about which is a lot of the time. On a daily basis an MP will answer phonecalls, be at big public events and visit schools as well as many other things including being busy in Parliament. I cannot say that MPs have a boring life that you would not want to have because they do have a good life and can pass laws through parliment. Though do MPs have a better life than you?

Lets have a look at the good and bad things about being an MP.

Good things about being an MP

  • You will get paid a lot of money
  • You can make laws
  • You can vote on everything
  • You are in contact with the prime minister

Bad things about being an MP

  • You are watched closely by the public
  • Your standards are higher
  • You have more responsibility and therefore more problems
  • The decisions you make are serious and you have to get them right
  • If you support the prime minister and people don't like him or her they will not like you

So after reading this do you want to be an MP?

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  • Richmond-Hill-logo-250x250.jpg amazing_memory | Richmond Hill Academy
    07 Feb 2020

    Depending on how you look at yes

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  • Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg mindblowing_clarinet | Boutcher C of E Primary School B
    07 Feb 2020

    No because you are the same person and people might not like you or your ideas and they might be talking about you 24 7 in a bad way. You could be humiliated and that could go down in history for a bad reason. You may be rich but that isn't the best thing in life.

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  • St-Gregorys-logo-250x250.jpg best_raspberry | St Gregory's Catholic Primary School
    07 Feb 2020

    It wouldn't make your life better necessarily but some people think it would make your life better but that is there opinion and I do not disagree or agree but I think that my life would be worse because of the responsibilities of being a MP are hard and if you do something wrong and you are embarrassed it goes across the whole web and in the newspapers people can freely read about your silly mistake and exactly how it happened. You could be deeply embarrassed by the newspapers and what they say because they could have the whole wrong side of it and say what is actually not true but it is just the newspapers opinion or a witness's opinion. But you can get paid and have a lot of power over the country so necessarily it is both bad and good.

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    1. tom Tom @ the BNC
      best_raspberry's comment 07 Feb 2020

      Good reasoning for either side, best_raspberry!

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  • CuddingtonCroft-logo-250x250.jpg mindblowing_tree | Cuddington Croft Primary School
    07 Feb 2020

    Thanks for commenting, it's interesting to see how other people look at the posts.

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