Working together in power!!!


My art work is about Britain standing strong, my key idear is leadership and that is what the puzle peice brige is for.Each puzle price is a different country and how they are different is why they are all different colours. My 2nd key idea is power and that is all of the countries together as one. I have used multiple different colours because it is a way of showing strong news and as a country we are strong. I have learnt that priminsters have to be shor about there opinions and be proud of ther country .

My art work is called working together in power!!!

by daring_date

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  • Hammond School logo genius_chocolate | Hammond Junior School B
    13 Feb 2020

    I think that this post is a really good idea and how you decided that you want to make a price of art about it is really amazing. Also I think that making a piece of art about prime ministers would be hard and it would take a long time. Also the puzzle pieces really add a nice touch to it and it makes me understand that our world is all linked and just because we are all split up into our own country’s does not mean that we have to stay in that country. Also I love all the flags around your piece I think that it is really nice because it shows that we should all support each other. It must of taking you a very long time to draw all of the puzzle pieces and flags so I really want to say well done! And good job for taking all of that time to do a post,it really shows that you are trying very hard. Your post was very inspiring. Thank you.
    By genius chocolate

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