With great power, comes great responsibility


My key idea is the Prime minister and my main concept is responsibilit, in my piec of art I have drew a classroom with a teacher at his desk. The teacher represents the Prime minister, the books represent the students and the students represent the people, I find that this artwo links in with the concept of responsibility because the teacher is responsible for the students, as is the Prime minister is for the people of Britain. I believe that it is important for the Prime minister to take responsibilit, because if he/she does not take responsibility then he/she will probably not get elected again, and for the time that he/she is in power, the country will go corrupt because the person who was meant to be in charge has not taken responsibilit, a bit like when the teacher leaves the class of naughty kids. I have chosen quite dark colours because politics is no light matter and you need to be serious about it. Because it is how the country is run.

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