Who should have more power people or politicians?

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At the moment people have very little amount of power. Should this change?

As this is our present and soon to come our future we believe the public should have more of a say in decisions as we want our future to be a happy and healthy one. There are decions that are being made against the public. We can all probably say that we deserve more of a say, not just in general election but in life changing decisions. The politicians are meant to lead us not slaver us. We all have our human rights and to have a say in things we believe are right or wrong for our country; its not just their country it's ours as well. For example Boris Johnson shut down the whole of parliament for 5 days without permission from any of the citizens of the UK. This is what we mean by us having not enough say. Another example is that one prime minister sent millions of pounds to a model and waisted all the countrys hard earned money. This shows poor respect towards the country and its citizens.

The benefits of us having more power is that we will make decisions that that the majority of the public agree on. If the prime minsister were to have more power then they would do things that would benefit them and not the country. They could waist all of the country's money just for their own good.

Your opion could change this all. Put your thoughts in the comment section.

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