Who makes the smartest decisions?

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All politicians are noble leaders of their country. But who makes the best decisions? There are many great decisions made by leaders. And some do not think about what they say. So let’s see who said what...

Boris Johnson: I will change the date for the General Election from 31st October to 12th December.

Donald Trump: We will stop Iran from terrorising us and prevent WW3 from happening. We will make America great again!

Scott Morrison: Australia is burning. Let’s spill water over the whole of New South Wales! (Ok he didn actually say that). We can hope that rain will come.

Justin Trudeau: The make-up was not my idea. I just did it. Don’t Blaim me for being racist.

Theresa May( Former UK prime minister): We will hope we win the Election without me. If I need to resign we will continue to carry on Brexit until we have solved it.

David Cameron: I didn’t mean to start Brexit. I was only trying to stop something from happening.

Jeremy Corbyn: Vote for Labour to win the Election. We will do many goods unlike the Conservative party or Liberal Democrats

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