Who is a good politician/leader?

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In our BNC session we talked about the right things we need to be good leader so I decided to post it and add my own spin to it.The main question I'm asking is what makes a good leader.Is it there social media page?There loyalty?Or there trust?Well these are the main things I'll be discussing about so enjoy!


Being loyal is what brings a strong bond between you and the people.They will rely and trust you so my advice is simple.LISTEN,LEARN,LIVE.Because I guarantee thats what makes not a good leader but a great one so take my advice into count not only for being a leader but for every day life.


Being a GOOD leader also has to come with some challenges now your priority is not on your self nor your family but on the people they voted for you to become Prime Minster so not only do you owe them a favour you want to show others who didnt vote for you they made a big mistake. So you see this job is made for not all.


-Say any racial slurs or offensive language

-Be too invested to the people

-Act lazy or be unintrested

-NOT read this peice of writing

To end this try and use these in your everyday life as it has been affective for me.

Yours Truly methodical_ocean

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