Who Has More Power: Politicians Or People

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Politicians Or People?

I think that politicians have more power because they make the laws in parliament, usually the public doesn't have much say o making the laws of the country. They also do make a lot of major decisions such as:

-They vote for their party leader who may or may not become prime minister

-They vote on what policies their party should have and what they shouldn't

-They speak up for what their constituency wants

However, they do have to take in mind their constituency wants and if they don't do that than they might (A) get replaced or (B) not get re-elected. Also, they are the voice of what their constituency wants even if it isn't what they want.

In my opinion the people have the most power because they make nearly all the major decisions with a vote where everyone gets a say. People have got the final say in who runs the country and how they run it. They make many important decisions such as:

-Deciding who the PM is

-Deciding who their MP is

-Deciding what the country should do ( an example is BrExit)

On the other hand, with BrExit it did take 4 whole YEARS and nearly 3 reschedules. And even if people do get a say some people like prisoners but when they are released they are allowed to retain the right to vote.

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