Who could be our next prime minister?

Have you ever wondered who could be our next prime minister??? Because we have and we have a few people who we think could have a really good role in politics and politicians.

A head teacher???

They could have a good role in being prime minister because they have a good backround with the school. We think this because they have been the leader of the school why not be the leader of the country. They have good patience and they know how to treat rude behaviour.

A nurse???

They could have a good role in being a prime minister because they obviously know how to learn things quickly and if they are capable of saving someone's life than they are capable of running the world.

Police officer???

They could have a good role because they know the consequences of doing something bad and they know what is right or wrong.

David Walliams???

He would be good in parliament because he is good at making decisions because he has to make a decision on what his book could be called so he has experience on making decisions.

So so maybe anyone could be the next prime minister we never know.....

by genius_chocolate and daring_date

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    15 Jan 2020

    Thank you for asking this - it opens up the question of whether Prime Ministers need to have experience in politics, or would people from other backgrounds also make good Prime Ministers? For example, Donald Trump never had experience in politics before becoming US President!

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    1. Hammond School logo genuine_cat | Hammond Junior School A
      Tom @ the BNC's comment 16 Jan 2020

      A politician should have some experience in leadership and possibly speaking skills. I think this because, like most other jobs you need some experience and a background to what you are applying for- why should this be any different for politicians? Although, some people just want to become a politician to make a difference to the community around them- leaving their job to pursue their dream. As you said, President Trump got elected without any experience in politics, was this a wise decision though? If you have no experience in the job you are doing, you are taking a huge risk, not only for yourself but also the people you work with.

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    2. Hammond School logo genius_chocolate | Hammond Junior School B
      Tom @ the BNC's comment 17 Jan 2020

      Thank you we're really happy that you like our post we were also thinking of ant and Dec because we know that they are very famous and a lot of people know them. Also if we have comedians and presenters than they might make the world more happy and they could make people laugh. I think making the world laugh would be good because if people are having a not so good day making them laugh might help them be in a better mode. But also at the same time maybe they would not be so great because they would have to take being a prime minister seriously and they might not be serious.

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  • Halsnead logo triumphant_speech | Halsnead Primary School
    16 Jan 2020

    I agree any background could role for being priminister .

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  • Halsnead logo joyous_wasp | Halsnead Primary School
    16 Jan 2020

    I understand what you mean but I still don't think that a head teacher would do well because they don't do things like Brexit they teach

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  • Hammond School logo giving_elephant | Hammond Junior School A
    22 Jan 2020

    Politicians should have more experience because you need experience and also a politician needs speaking skills . I think this because politicians need good skills

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  • Hammond School logo crafty_hurricane | Hammond Junior School A
    22 Jan 2020

    I think we should have someone who knows politics or has studied it but the people have to be respectful and trustworthy.

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