What makes a good political debate

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we are going to do a debate but first we are going to say what we think is a good standard for a debate in our view it should be:

  • Fair (to make sure everyone has their own opinion shown)
  • honesty (so politicians dont lie about stuff)
  • leadership (leading your party / points into debate)
  • persuasive language (persuading the constituents)
  • projecting your voice (so people can hear you)

that is enough time for the debating

The debate will be about who has the most power the people or the politicians

genuine_recipe: i think that the politicans have more power since thay are in parliament

consistent_date: but who does all the voting?

giving_elephant: well mostly the MPs

easygoing_butterfly: people vote for the MPs

genuine_recipe: how ever the MPs can go with their own opinion when the get voted in by the constitutions.

consistent_date: but thay can't lie to the puplic

Giving_elephant: actually if thay have enough confidence like the brexit deal then anything is possible

easygoing_butterfly: ok maybe you right about that but people has more power

genuine_recipe: prove it

consistent_date: hmm maybe you right after all

all good points here and please tell us your opinion

By genuine_recipe in cooperation with giving_elephant ,consistent_date and easygoing_butterfly

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