What is justice to you?

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In this post, I will be explaining what justice means to me. Feel free to disagree or agree and write what justice means to you in the coments.Once again, this is MY opinion!

What is justice to me?

To me, justice is when people get what they deserve. Another way of saying this is being heald to account. If someone had killed a police officer, then they would be sentenced to prison for a very long time. This is an example of being heald to account.

Why do we need justice?

Justice is very important. Without it, people would be doing all sourts of horrid things (such as terrorist attacks) and not get what they deserve. Justice is also very important because if everyone was able to do what they what without being heald to account, then thier children might think that it is ok to kill and rob others.

Question-A man had murderd someone and was sentenced to twenty years in prison BUT, instead he was let out after ten years. That same person had murdered another person and the police had to kill him. Whose fault was it? The man of the government?

I think it was the goverments fault because when you are sentenced for an amount of time for something bad you have done, then that person should stay in prison for that amount of time. If they are let out early, then they might think that if they go to prison for another terrorist attack for another twenty years, they will get let out ten years early again. It is also partly the mans fault because he should not have killed anyone in the first place.(This question was based on the Streatham attack that happened a few days ago)

Question-Was justice served by killing him?

Although he was a threat to the community, I do not think justice was served because if he had served all his terms, he might have reflected on his actions and became a better person through rehablitation.

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