What I would do as Prime-Minister

If I was Prime-Minister I would help the poor because everyone deserves a home,food,water and friends. Eveyone needs to become happy. The poor might have had a painful history so we need to care and help them. I would also donate money to the NHS because they don't have a lot of money like other companies. Health is important because if you have an illness that you don't know about, to can be in pain for the rest of your life. You can donate health companies like the British Heart Foundation.A few pounds could change somones life. Another thing I cannot look away from is Climate change. Climate change is a very big subject. Climate change has to be completed. The amazon Rain forest is having a very painful time at the moment. Fire burning, plants dying and animals getting injured. The Amazon Rain forest is a beatufil place to visit and you can see the most beautiful species in the world . Fires in Australia are increasing. It's increasing by pollution and strong winds. One of the most special places in Australia is Sydney. You can bearly see it because smoke is covering it. It's spreading quick. Also, Antartica is in the Dark ages because the Iceburgs are melting . Poalr bears can't swim. I can't imagine Artic animals dying. We need to finish off for Global Warming for once and for all. Because there is no Planet B!

Thank you for reading my subjects if i were prime minister.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely, precious_heart

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  • Preston Manor School congenial_shark | Preston Manor School
    24 Jan 2020

    you are 100% right we need to change our world

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  • Preston Manor School enlightened_writer | Preston Manor School
    26 Jan 2020

    I think that when you become prime minister, you need to actually do good things for the planet, not for popularity but because you actually care about helping the environment and the people and animals in it. Everyone deserves a place to call home and a place to learn and food to eat because no matter who they are, the prime minister should do their best to make sure that happens. Also, there is only one safe planet which is Earth and it is important that you are looking after it every day because there won't be a second chance to make things better and you need to make the world a better place to leave for people and animals. That way everyone is happy.

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