What does it take to be a great politician or leader?

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It takes great leadership or power to have dominant control over certain area.Good leadership can avoid financial problems also it helps people have the ability to prevent this from happening.But what important skills does it take to lead a country to glory.

So leadership takes great responsibility and faithfulness to manage an area.Potentially,it could also be that leaders could be selfless and care about the delicate environment thay have to take care of.Now if you want to be a good leader you need to build self confidence and sound believe able,now i'm not saying you should do it in a gullible way.It takes great resilience and perseverance to manage or control a certain area.You need to make decisive decision to outcome local purposes.

If you want to be a good politician you need to debate in a intelligent way.You have to explain your point with self confident and amazing reasons.Also if you challenge your opponent it can result in them not having a reasonable reason why that can't happen.

Evidently,I can agree why you detest my reasons.But I truly think being a leader or politician takes those skills to manage a certain area.It can also verify how people who are struggling with financial problems likewise we can identify if these skills have what it takes to be a great leader.

Remember if you want to be a leader or politician you have to listen to what the people in your area want and how it will change the area however you can't always agree to what they say.

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