What Justin Trudeau did 2001

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Hi again it's me Willing_Flight.

Today I will be talking about my opinion if Justin Trudea do was good or bad. I f you have a diffrent opinion to mine, don't be shy and write in the comments what you think.

What Happend:

Since this happend in 2001, I shall recap on what happend. In 2001, Justin went to a party which was an arabian knight theme. As we know, rascism is really rood so you shouldn't be rascist to anyone. As I was saying, he went to a party and put brown makeup on his face he said he did it because it was an arabian knight theme. But remember this was 19 years ago so he was much younger and majority of us weren't even born at that time.

My Opinion:

I personally think his actions were really bad but i know it was a long time ago and he was much younger and he might of never knew what racsism actually was. I still think that this was bad because if you were to do something like this, which you probably won't, you will start to regret your decisions because it can hurt somebody's feelings on the inside and out. I as a person would never do that even if someone did it to me i would never do something this bad.

Thank you for reading this :)


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