My art is based on leadership (the idea) and democracy (the key concept). It is about the process of democracy-first, everybody who is allowed to(nobody under 18) and everybody who wants to, votes. Next, the votes get counted and at the end, there may be a new leader or party in power.

I have drawn a libe of pexpletive along the bottom of my page to show that not everyone will be happy with the new decision that has been made, but the majority of people who voted will. This is because there gas to be a majority of people that want the same thing (a certain party in power), if there is no majority, it becomes a hung parliament which is when two parties are in power at one time.

The colours black and white are opposites and represent that even though we are different, we can still make a decision as a whole (democracy).

I would call my artwork 'votes'.

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