United with trust


My art is about trust and being a good leader. The hand represents that we are all one country and that we need to work together to get a better country for everyone. The words around it shows the qualities of a good leader and shows the people around count as well / I did it black and white because it represents that everyone is different and entitled to their own opinion but as a country we can still make a joint decision, my key idea and concept work together because you need to trust the people when they vote and you essentially give them a share of your power. The main thing I have learnt about politicians that I think everyone should know is that sometimes politicians don't mean what they say, they could be forced to say something like apologise or say it to get away from trouble. When people look at my art I what them to feel connected, like we are always together, united in our country and our decision will reflect everyone's personalities and want everyone to feel part of the community even when not voting your ideas can be shared with the country. I would call this piece of art united with trust.

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