'Under Pressure'


My artwork is about how sometimes we put politicians under a lot of pressure. By this, I mean that sometimes we expect too much of politicians and judge them if they make a little mistake but really, politicians are humans too and we shouldn't expect to high of them, then judge them if they don't meet our expectation. Many people do this and as you can expect, this can put politicians under a lot of pressure, which may cause them to act irrationally.

My key idea was pressure on politicians, as my own choice, and my key concept was responsibiliy. These link together because I think it is unfair if politicians have to be treated differently because of who they are, responsibility because by setting high expectations, and putting them under pressure, we are giving politicians lots of responsibility.

I have shown my key concepts by giving examples of people putting politicians under a lot of pressure by the form of words, and the media. I have also tried to represent how it might make the politician make irrational decisions and how it effects the brain by showing the thoughts of the politician that I have drawn.

I have used different colours for different reasons in my piece of artwork. For the speech of other people, I have used bright colours in the inside of the speech bubble and a slightly bolder colour on the outline of it to demonstrate how words are very bold and powerful and how they can influence you to do wrong things, believe things that are not the case and make you feel unwanted emotions. For the comments on the media, I have used bolder colours to outline the speech bubble, for the same reason as the speech but I have coloured it in red to represent the comments that can make you feel negative emotions which can cause you to make irrational decisions as I mentioned in the first paragraph. The text box at the bottom of the iphone screen is green to represent comments that the politician may write to get rid of the negative emotions that the citizens have caused, basically standing up for themselves, but the problem is if the politician stands for themselves, it will attract more attention and that is the reason why the politician that I have drawn has not done so either. For the colours for the thoughts that the politician is having, I have boldened the outline of the speech bubble to represent how the comments have made the politician belive things that are not true and then think strongly about them.

I have learnt that politicians are treated like someone who cannot make any mistakes and I think that that is wrong and that they should have the right to act like normal people, be treated like normal people and be able to make mistakes. I think that other people should know this because then they can stop behaving that way towards politicians and then politicians won't feel that pressurised and they will be able to make better decisions for our country.

When people look at my art, I want them to feel remorseful for their actions once seeing the impact that it has had on politicians. I want them to feel that they have to stop because these actions stop politicians from having a fun, every-day life rather than always having to worry about what people think of them and if their reputation is not going down.

I would call my artwork 'Under Pressure' because that is what we are doing to politicians and putting them into frightful situations.

I hope you like my piece of artwork and please comment on what you think about it, what I did well and what I could improve on if I was to do it again.

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ the BNC
    12 Feb 2020

    You've been really creative in the way you've empathised with a politician. Are there mistakes that are too big for politicians to make?

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