To be a leader you need to be responsible


My picture is about leardership and being responsible. I chose to put a person on top of the mountain because they represent being the priminister and to be the leader and show that he is responsible. All the other people show that they follow the priminister. So when they follow the priminister they will become a leader and show that they’re responsible. For the priminister as the colour blue because the colour blue stands out so that mean the priminister is the leader. All the other people are black because they haven’t shown leadership or responsibility but there’re making their way to be be a leader and to be responsible. The hands with spheres on top are to represent that you are responsible for what you do on the internet. The hand means that your the one who is responsible for what you are doing and what you go on. The arrows show which way is the right way to go I picked the colour dark blue because I wanted it to be a dark colour and for it to represent a strict colour.

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