This is REALITY.


My drawing is all about how MPs and the public have a responsibility to empower each of

their goals. My two key words and concepts are 'MPs' and 'responsibility,' these two ideas link

together because MPs have a responsibility to live up to the public and keep their promises to

their constituency. I have shown this by putting numerous constituents inside an MP, this

shows how that he is responsible for all their voices to be heard, he is their voice. The quote

on the top right of the page is saying that as much as MPs have a responsibility, the public

does too, their job is to hold the politician to account when necessary and make sure they

keep their promises. The many people inside the MP are grey because they are not being

properly heard, reflecting what is happening a lot in the UK today- MPs living outside the

constituency they represent and not representing the constituents with respect. The reason

why the MPs look so jazzed up and colourful is to show that anyone can be an MP, no matter

your colour, race, personality or physical disabilities. When people look at my art they should

feel a mixture of awe and the sadness of the grey constituents. I would like to call my artwork

'This is REALITY' because it is. MPs and the public have a responsibility and it is true, lots of

MPs are not representing their constituency with respect. Concluding, my artwork should

show the reality of today and what we as constituents, job is.

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