The Labour leadership race

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cheerful photograph: Good afternoon ladies and gentleman. Todays discussion is about Jeremy Corbyn stepping down from leading Labour and now we will pass it onto giving_orangutan.

giving_orangutan: Yes thank you cheerful_photograph, here we are at westminster in front of the houses of parliament where it all went down with Jeremy Corbyn announcing that he will step down from leading Labour after losing last weeks election. Now I will pass it on grateful_crab who is inside the houses of parliament.

grateful_crab: Thank you giving_orangutan, inside the houses of parliament it is a whole different energy everyone is now wondering who is going to become leader for the labour party. The candidates who are running for leading Labour are Emily Thornberry, Clive Lewis, Jess phillips, Lisa Nandy, Sir Keir Starmer and Rebecca long bailey. These 6 candidates are all running to be Labours next leader. Now I will pass it onto active_sheep who will give us points of views from people who voted for labour in last weeks election.

active_sheep: Thanks grateful_crab here we are at the nearest polling station to westminster and here we have productive_eel who is going to give us his point of view to know that Jeremy Corbyn has stepped down from leading Labour 'productive_eel'

productive_eel: In my opinion I think that Labour should have won that election however I now hope whoever becomes leader helps Labour to win forthcoming elections.

active_sheep: I hope so too. Now we will talk to logical_drum about his opinion.

logical_drum: I believe that Labour should have won that general election however i hope that this new leader is going to help Labour and get them to win elections in the next years.

active_sheep: Thank you logical_drum

cheerful_photograph: That is all from us at the sherwood, join us at 6 again where we will be discussing about USA and Iran.

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    13 Jan 2020

    Thank you for this informative post about the Labour leadership race - it's a good chance for the rest of us to talk about it. We're not putting forward posts on USA and Iran for now as there's plenty already on the Hub about it, so could you contribute more to this one - who do you think about the Labour leadership candidates?

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  • Hammond School logo joyful_seagull | Hammond Junior School A
    13 Jan 2020

    Thank you for that informative post I think it is very important to discuss the different race of our leaders .This is because 100 years ago black men and women would not be allowed to vote and be a prime minister .Therefore I think Britain and the world should have more black politicians and we should be more understanding of him or her ,and a litter less judgemental and I don't just mean for the politics but for everyone else as well.

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  • The Sherwood School active_sheep | The Sherwood School
    13 Jan 2020

    Great post very informative and interesting thanks for including me. 🙂👍

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  • global-conversation.png precious_blackberry | Kitengela Academy | Kenya
    13 May 2020

    success in years to come will depend mostly in their unity and solidarity as leaders and not to neglect anyone despite who then are. l as per my understanding my opinion is that everyone has different abilities despite gender. I think women are as much capable as men so as far Labour leaders are concerned I think suc

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