The power the people and the respect.


My artwork is about leadership and power however I have also added democracy responsibility into it. I have done this because 'with great power comes great responsibility' and we live in a democratic country. The ancient Greeks called democracy 'demokratia' which means rule by the people. In a democratic country the people have the power, they can express their opinions, the leader must listen to the people, this is shown in my artwork.

Leadership and power link together. I think this because a leader should have power, without power the leader would not have much followers. The prime minister is a leader, if the PM did not have any power then very few people would listen to him. Another example is a teacher, if a teacher does not have power then no one would listen to he/she.

In my artwork, the leader is the big head, the blue lines to the sides of the leader represent his/her power. I have made the leader multicoloured to represent diversity. The lines to and from the leader which connect to the people show how the people are voicing their opinions and the leader is listening. It is important for the leader to listen to the people. I think this because: Firstly, the people voted for the leader, this is a democracy, it is the people's right to have their voices heard by the leader. Secondly, if the leader does not listen to the people then the people could start protesting, this has consequences. For example: the people in Hong Kong were protesting, still are in some places, because they felt they were having their democratic rights taken away, the protest in Hong Kong led to transport disruption and the economy went into recession. I have added peace signs in between the people to show that everyone must respect each other's views and not hurt each other since other people have other views. For example: someone threw a milkshake at Nigel Farage, this is disrespectful, we should all be peaceful towards each other unlike Gordon Brown who punched someone.

I have used yellow lines around the people, this is to represent their power, the leader is, as I said, multicoloured to show diversity and has blue lines surrounding he/she to represent his/her power.

I have used a pole with two sacks on it, these two sacks hang at an equal height, this is to represent democracy, I have put this symbol in my artwork because the leader must be democratic and fair. For example: the leader cannot do something like make school days shorter or close university without asking the people. I have drawn a hand with the world on it, this is the symbol of responsibility. If you are responsible for something you are in the position to be held accountable. For example: the PM is in the position to be held accountable for the country. In addition to this, I have used the honesty symbol, (the star) the leader cannot mislead the public with lies, fake statistics and should directly answer questions. For example: Jeremy Corbyn did not know how much particular childcare policy would cost in an interview, he did not really admit it. Another example is Boris Johnson: he, in a debate I was watching on TV, tried slip past hard questions using jokes. I have also used a bigger honesty symbol (the star) with a cross through it to show that the leader and the people should not be too honest and say mean things to people with opposing views. For example: Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton ‘Heartless Hillary’ this is unacceptable.

This artwork is called: The power the people and the respect.

I have called it ‘the power the people and the respect’ because the message I would like to send to people who look at my artwork is: Everyone must respect each other, the leader must listen to the people and the leader must use his/her power for good.

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