The Power of the Press


Our piece is about the power that the media can have over people, even the Prime Minister.

Our key ideas - the media and Prime Minister - link together because the media seem to always have an opinion and it is usually negative. Even if they try to stay 'unbiased' it can affect them in negative ways like with Theresa May and her dancing skills.

This is shown in our piece by the writing on our faces which uses words and phrases taken from real life headlines about Prime Ministers and candidates in the past.

We have used simple black and white because the media seem to think everything is black and white; everything is simply right or wrong. In the real world that simply isn't the case!

We chose to use photography for our art as it is real life and we are studying real life issues.

We now know the media have a lot of power over how people can see prime ministers so other people should know to research carefully and be skeptical before making a judgement.

We want our audience to feel inspired to check their own information to make sure it is right as the media may be making things up, or carefully changing their opinions.

We call our piece "The Power of the Press"

Fiery_Wolf (Media)

Funny_Power (Prime Minister)

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    10 Feb 2020

    A visually striking work of art and a very original idea! Can you find any examples of when the media have helped the public understand the truth about a Prime Minister?

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