The Power of Media


My artwork is about how much media can change people's minds with lies. Say someone is going to vote for one party and the newspaper or news channel changes their mind to vote for another party. My key idea and concept link together because media is my idea of news channels and news channels can lie to persuade people to join their side in a debate or an argument. I have shown this in my artwork by having by having it split in half, one side as a person voting one thing and the other side the news changing their mind and the person voting another thing. I have used red because red is the colour of BBC news channel. I have used a lightbulb as a symbol to show an idea that someone is having. I've learnt not to trust too deeply in newspapers that have mostly politics articles because some lie to get you to join them. When people look at my art, I want them to feel like they won't rely on the 'daily mail' or 'The Times' to tell them what's going on in parliament. I would call my artwork 'the power of media'.

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  • Preston Manor School observant_mango | Preston Manor School
    14 Feb 2020

    I agree. Social media influencers online also have a major role in this, for example, Stormzy. He had a significant impact in the world of politics! He did this by holding events, visiting schools and more. By doing so, he managed to have an influence on them, which in this case was against Boris Johnson. This could cause tension for politicians due to the hate that is aimed towards them. This shows us how much of an influence our celebrities/stars have on politics.

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