The Governments brainwashing


My artwork is about power and the Government.These link together because the Goverment have power over England but can abuse this power at times.

I have shown this by making thre Government a shady looking person with big devil horns because their evil/bad at times and I all so put an angel halo being corrupted because their kindness and goodness is slowly but surely washing away.

Ive used a red and blue background representing good and evil.The samething goes for the lighting being eviland the sun being good.

I made England brainwashed by theGovernment.I also made England purple as half and half bad because red(evil) and(good) makes purple(half good and half bad),I then gaveEngland small devil horns because their not to evil and then gave England an uncorrupt

When people read this I would like them to feel informed about the Governments darkside hidden underneath their cracking sheild.

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