The goverment aren't taking responsibility over the NHS


My artwork is about the goverment not taking responsibility and caring about brexit and not the NHS. We need the NHS because it saves lives of human beings everyday. Therefore we need the NHS and for the goverment to care about it more.

I have chosen goverment and responsibility because the goverment need to take responsibility to take control over most of our country.

In my artwork I have shown (or drawn) the NHS to show how important it is to us to have healthcare.

The colours I have chosen are dark and light green, blue,brown and peach. I have chosen green for the healthcare symbol and as it the colo of life and the others to blend together to make a hospital or the NHS.

I have used the healthcare symbol - +- to show the NHS are part of the many hospitals in Britain and is only there for our sake.

politics are members of parliament that have affect on our society and the way we live today.

When peo see my artwork I want them to feel mad at the goverment for not caring as much as they should of about the NHS.

This was by loved_moose

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