The effect of bias


I have drawn this because it explains my opinion, the media can be bias and it can be in politics too.The media can be bias to what mistakes people have made.This means people could change their opinion because they read the text and therefore think they are bad.This is just one example.They do this even though that person may have done many more good deeds and positive things than what was mentioned.

My key idea is the media I chose this as it effects all our opinions.My key concept is bias because it happens in news paper phones.These link because the media can be bias and it can be in politics too.

My picture represents somebody posts a fact file on how bad Boris Johnson is (when he is not that bad) and he goes to make a speech which he has been told millions of people are going to go to. But because everyone has read the fact file they don't like him so they don't turn up.He is super confused on where everyone is.They all didn't realise that he has done many more good thing ps than mentioned on the post.Now nearly nobody likes him.

Then because so many people read the post it gets published onto a newspaper and even more people read it and it spreads all because 1 person's opinion.

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    13 Feb 2020

    A detailed explanation of how bias can work, skillful_turtle. As well as in the media and politics, where else does bias exist? And can bias ever be a good thing?

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  • Hammond School logo skillful_turtle | Hammond Junior School A
    28 Feb 2020

    Bias exists in anything you can have an opinion in.
    This could include:
    -A debate
    -different ways of doing things (treating patients in hospital ex.)
    It can be a good thing but it varies because it can boost peoples confidence and they are allowed their own opinion, as long as they do not force it onto other people.

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