The crying girl!


My artwork is about a girl who has

been pushed aside because everyone is so focused on what they want in politics. It is also about how people are falling out with eachother over politics and that it is sometimes impacting childrens lives. I hope that this piece of artwork will say that your relationship with someone is more important than politics. I did it in black and white to show that sometimes poloticians aren't all happy and there are gloomy parts about it too. I hope that just by looking at the picture you can connect with it and understand where it is coming from and not have to even look at the text to understand it. My concept is cooperation and power as if we work together then people won't be pushed aside or feel upset. Power also relates to th is picture as if we all have an equal amount of power then people will be happier with decisions and they won't fall out over things as much as they do now.

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