Should we remove Prime Ministers and Politicians?

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Should there be Politicians at all?

As you know, there are multiple Politicians situated around the globe. But, would it be better if there were no Politicians at all? Would it be better if there was no Prime Minister? Or is it better with both? Or neither?

When a Politician wants something to happen, they will show their idea to those in the House of Commons. If the majority agree with their idea, then it could take place. Without a Prime Minister, a lot of decisions would be made by a smaller amount of people. There would also never be a general election, resulting in more struggles for power. This would be a BAD idea, as it would leave Britain in chaos in the Political World.

With just a Prime Minister, that means making decisions would be a WHOLE lot easier for them! They wouldn't have to get the approval of Politicians. The public know a lot less about politics than Politicians so that would mean that less informed and less reasoned arguments would take place. That means that many people may make the wrong decision, or doubt it. This would also be a BAD idea as that could make lots of bad decisions and mess up the country as the Prime Minister may have done things for their good alone.

With neither of the two political ranks, democracy would be chaos! This is because there would not be one. With just the constituency in charge, there will be MANY struggles for power and there will also be uninformed opinions becoming a reality. This is a BAD idea because this makes Britain no longer have equality, fairness and democracy.

Just look at the world around you. We have both for a reason. The reason is because we can make an informed and the right choice. The more people that agree with the idea, and the more power and knowledge they have, that helps to make sure it is the right decision for everyone. It is a GOOD idea! It means that everything is a lot more fair.

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