Should we ban putting the prime ministers in papers???

Well I know that I have seen prime ministers and royals in the papers a lot and should it be stopped. Read on to find out!

Well if you where the prime minister than I am sure that you would not want every one talking about you and spreading romours about you every little word that they say gets put in to the news paper and all of the public know about it.

But if we took away any news about politics than no one would know anything about prime ministers and also it could effect all of the news paper companys because people who are interested in politics will not buy it and then the news company's will not get a lot of money and the money that they are earning will go down.

So over all I think that yes there should be news about the prime ministers still because if the prim ministers do something wrong than that is their fault and not the news fault. The news should NOT have to get less money paid just to stop prime ministers being in the news.

But that is just what I think; what do you think?? Please say in the comments your opinions.

Thankyou for taking your time to read my post.

Bye genius_ chocolate

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  • Hammond School logo miraculous_knowledge | Hammond Junior School A
    28 Jan 2020

    In my opinion I do think that we should ban having prime ministers in papers as it is effecting people's opinions. It effects people's opinion as when you read the paper you should trust what people have put down. A newspaper reporter could be the one in charge of what to put in the news paper and they might be writing about a person that they think is not very nice. They could completely lie about what has happened and that could effect someone's opinion an whether they like a person. This could change many people's opinion about a person and they that person could face consequences for something that has not actually happened. They could even be fired from there position as PM just from one newspaper reporter being dishonest. For these reasons I think that writing about PMs in a newspaper should be banned!

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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
      miraculous_knowledge's comment 28 Jan 2020

      If we ban reporting on them in the papers, how will the public learn about the different politicians when it comes to an election? What would be the disadvantages of this?

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      1. Hammond School logo miraculous_knowledge | Hammond Junior School A
        Olivia @ the BNC's comment 29 Jan 2020

        The disadvantage of this would be not knowing about that persons personality and what they have done wrong in the past. A solution to this could be to only write about the politicians on an election day or some important day and to something like a biography about their life. On a daily basis it could be banned to write about a politician from the reasons that are listed in my previous comment.

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